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King, Twin, Family, or Suite? How to Choose the Best Room for Your Weekend Staycation
Pick the right room to get the most value for your money on your next booking selection.
By Summit Hotels and Resorts Team

From service to the view of the different amenities hotels can offer, choosing the best lodging for an out-of-town trip is entirely in your hands—and your budget, of course. How do you narrow your search for the one with the best bang for your buck? Comfort is key, so choose according to your preferences and requirements.

Hotel rooms are typically categorized according to the size of the bed’s mattress inside: king, twin, or family. Once you find the perfect one to book for your family staycation or business trip, you can rest easy. Fortunately, there are many affordable hotels like the Summit Galleria Cebu that provide quality products without the steep price tag. Familiarize yourself with the differences between these hotel room types so it’s easier for you to get a good deal.


Perfect for: Small families, couples, or a person who wants plenty of bed space

Best features: As the name suggests, king rooms come with a king-size mattress, which is about 80 inches long by 76 inches wide—that’s a lot of surface area for a family with two small children, person, or couple who needs space while they sleep.

Summit Galleria Cebu offers: 61 Deluxe King rooms. Active toddlers have ample playing space in each of the 34-square meter rooms. Plus, the pillows are non-allergenic so you don’t have to worry about getting allergies or skin irritations.


Perfect for: Traveling buddies, two guests, siblings or other family members

Best features: Two beds are the stars of this type of room. It’s the main distinction from a double room, which features one large bed that’s good for two. One bed (called a single in the UK and twin in the USA) in this room configuration can comfortably fit one person.

Summit Galleria Cebu offers: A family- and businesspeople- friendly option called the Deluxe Twin room. At 32 square meters, it features two twin-size beds. Each room is equipped with a 42-inch flat screen TV with HDMI, USB ports, and premium cable channels. There’s also a dedicated Wi-Fi router in the room so you’re connected to the Internet at fast speeds.

The Deluxe Twin Room also offers value-for-your-money extras like chiropractic pillows, which can help relieve body pain after a long day’s work or adventure, and ironing materials so your business attire stays as crisp as you need it to be.


Perfect for: Big groups or families of three adults and two kids

Best features: Family types usually have three or more beds with sitting areas that can be used as an extra sleeping space.

Summit Galleria Cebu offers: 21 Premiere rooms that are 40 square meters in size and come in two Cebu-inspired themes: the Mango Premiere Room (with a nice pop of yellow interior) and the Sinulog Premiere Room (with bright and playful patterns).


Perfect for: Families and business travelers who prefer nothing but the best for their hotel accommodation

Best features: A suite room, also known as a deluxe, comes with extended home comforts like a living room and small kitchen. If you’re staying for more than three days, booking this room is worth it. Are you willing to shell out more for the most luxurious room in a hotel? An executive or presidential suite is super-spacious and usually has the best view and amenities.

Summit Galleria Cebu offers: 12 Suites, each measuring 40 square meters, with one king bed and an entire living room for lounging and relaxing. Choose from three themes: the Sinulog Suite, the Mango Suite, and the Lapu-Lapu Suite, which features a tribal, ethnic design inspired by the famed warrior ruler of Mactan.

The perfect room, the perfect staycation

Whether you’re going on a holiday or attending an event, find a hotel room that fits your wants and needs, not just your budget. At Summit Galleria Cebu, the flagship hotel of Summit Resorts and Hotels, you can choose the best room that suits your itinerary, family’s size, or preferred comfort and view. The 8th to 11th floors have a stunning view of the port area and the Mactan channel! Book a room now at and get the best available rates and perks!