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Hotel Etiquette 101: Your Guide to a Proper Hotel Staycation
Be the kind of guest that everyone would love to have back.
By Summit Hotels and Resorts Team

A staycation is always a welcome idea, especially when life in the city is getting a little too manic and work is becoming too stressful. You don’t even have to go very far. The Summit Ridge in Tagaytay is the perfect place for a staycation. Just drive up from the city for the weekend, check in, and leave all your worries behind.

Note that it’s your worries you leave behind, not your manners. You may be on vacation, but proper etiquette never takes a break. Make sure that while you’re de-stressing, you’re not, in turn, stressing out housekeeping, the hotel staff, or the other guests. To avoid getting fined, blacklisted, or ending up on the six o’clock news, heed these basic dos and don’ts when staying at a hotel.

The S List- Hotel Etiquette 101


  1. Say please and thank you. Do remember to be polite when dealing with hotel staff and other guests. Saying please and thank you goes a long way in making the people working hard to give you the best stay feel valued and appreciated.
  2. Prepare all the check-in requirements in advance. Find out what the requirements are in advance and prepare them before you go up to the front desk to avoid delays. At Summit Ridge Tagaytay, guests are required to show a government-issued ID or their passport and pay in full upon registration.
  3. Dress the part. Do not roam the hotel in your sleepwear or swimwear, especially in common areas like the lobby or restaurants. Although a great hotel will always make an effort to make you feel at home, remember that it is still not your home. Carlinda Contento of Summit Hotels and Resorts says, “Guests are expected to be aware of what to wear at the pool, gym, lobby, restaurant.”
  4. Keep the volume down. There are other guests in the hotel, so keep your voice low, and the television and your Spotify playlist volume down. If you’re traveling with kids, make sure that they don’t run up and down hallways or disturb other guests in any way. Keep in mind that the other guests are there for some rest and relaxation, too.
  5. Practice elevator etiquette. It’s good manners to wait for people to get off before going in the elevator, hold the doors open for other people, move to the back to make room for everyone, and make sure your kids don’t play with the elevator buttons.
  6. Don’t take non-consumable items home. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions are fair game. They’re not going to reuse those anyway. But do not attempt to bring home the towels, pillows, bed linens, or any other item that’s reusable. They inspect rooms at checkout so avoid the embarrassment of being asked to return the items or the risk of being billed for them.
  7. Treat the furniture and fixtures in the room with care and respect. Do not damage or stain any item in the room. Trashing a hotel room is never, it comes at a price. If you wreck any hotel property, you will have to pay for the damages.
  8. Be good to housekeeping. Sure, part of the appeal of a hotel staycation is that you don’t have to clean up after yourself. But that doesn’t mean you should be careless and messy. Always keep the room reasonably neat and clean.
  9. Use the amenities and facilities responsibly. Read the rules before using the different hotel amenities. Be considerate to the other guests you’re sharing the amenities with. When using the pool, dry off right away so you don’t leave puddles where people can slip and get hurt. When using gym equipment, return items to their proper place, don’t hog the machines, and wipe up your sweat puddles. When you’re at the spa, make sure to keep your voice low.
  10. Keep away from restricted areas. There are reasons restricted areas are off-limits. You’d either be in the hotel staff’s way or it could be dangerous for you to be there. Either way, do not inconvenience the staff by going somewhere you’re not allowed to go.
  11. Do not be wasteful. “Be an eco-friendly guest: Conserve water, electricity, and the free amenities provided to you. In the restaurant buffet, get only what you can,” Carlinda adds.
  12. Know the tipping etiquette. First, find out the hotel’s tipping policy. Summit Ridge Tagaytay has a no-tipping policy. (If you’re in another country, check the tipping etiquette of your destination.) If tipping is encouraged, tip staff members who’ve made your staycation pleasant and enjoyable. Gratuity is still, after all, a reward for service well done. Even so, the best rule of thumb is to tip unless you found the service poor or lacking. Be sure to have small bills with you for tipping and never ask for change.

Respect, courtesy, and good manners ensure that you’re not the only one who enjoys your stay at a hotel, and that the staff and the other guests have a pleasant time as well. So even if you’re there to get some much-needed R and R, remember to be on your best behavior always.