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“Baby Comes, Too!”: Here’s How to Make a Hotel Baby-Friendly When Traveling
No need to put hotel stays on hold until baby grows up. Enjoy your staycation and have peace of mind with these simple tips for parents.
By Summit Hotels and Resorts Team

All your bags are packed and you’re ready to go—with baby in tow! Wait, don’t panic just yet. Just because you’re away from the comforts and conveniences of your baby-proofed home doesn’t mean that your baby and kids can’t safely enjoy a staycation with you, too. Here are the hacks you need for a stress-free family getaway! (We can’t promise they’ll sleep through the night, though.)

Call ahead to reserve a baby crib and other conveniences.

Family-friendly hotels usually provide a baby crib and other conveniences upon request. Having a secure place for baby to sleep will help you sleep better. If you prefer to share a bed, rooms with king-sized beds offer ample space for safe sleep. When traveling with older kids, give them their own sleeping space like the extra twin beds provided in Summit Hotels Magnolia’s Super Family rooms so they can also have a comfortable sleep.

Set up baby care corners.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, pick spots in the room and set up a station for the following:

  • Diaper changes (wipes, changing pad or thick hotel towel, a stash of diapers)
  • Bath and dressing (baby clothes, towel, and toiletries)
  • Feeding (bottles or breast pump, the comfiest pillows)
  • Playtime (toys)

Trust us, nothing ruins a staycation as quickly as having to dig through your suitcase for baby wipes after a diaper overflow! Setting up also allows you to check that you have everything you need so you can run to the store for anything you’ve forgotten to pack. Choosing a hotel that’s conveniently near a mall or shopping center can be a lifesaver when traveling with your baby.

Pack a blanket or floor mat from home.

Babies get all cranky if they’re left to play inside a playpen. The enclosed tall space can be claustrophobic. Instead, bring a large blanket or foldable mat from home and lay it on the floor come playtime. Letting your child play on a clean floor area is also safer than leaving him or her unattended on a high hotel bed.

To make a DIY playpen, ask the hotel concierge for extra pillows you can use as barriers and fill the space with your baby’s favorite toys.

Plan for bathtime.

Booking a room with a bathtub simplifies your life. But if a bathtub is not available, you can also bathe your baby in a shower stall or bathroom sink by laying her on top of a hotel towel, which will give your baby a soft, comfortable, and, most importantly, slip-proof surface to lie down on while taking a bath.

Remember to have all the toiletries you need on hand before you start the bath—after all, it’s dangerous to leave a child unattended in wet areas, even for a moment. Most hotel bathrooms have a lot of counter space as well, which is the perfect place to quickly dress a baby rather than carrying her back into the cold air-conditioned bedroom.

Prepare a portable baby-proofing kit.

Bringing along a few outlet corners, corner bumpers, and other objects is an easy way to turn a hotel room into a safe space for curious crawlers and toddlers. Luckily, hotel rooms are generally designed to be clutter-free with hidden wires, so there will actually be few hazards. Don’t have those on hand? A roll of wide masking tape can cover outlets, secure wires, and lock drawers and closet doors in a pinch.

Don't forget the bottle-washing soap.

This specialty soap is harder to find at convenience stores and most hotels won’t have it available. You don’t have to bring the large bottle just for a few nights’ stay. Pack what you need in a travel-sized container so you’re sure to have clean bottles and feeding necessities at all times.

While you’re at it, pack travel portions of diaper cream, boo-boo balm, laundry soap, and toy sanitizing spray.

Use the hotel laundry bag to contain diaper messes.

If you want to avoid the used diaper room smell when your baby drops a stink bomb, the hotel laundry bag is a tried-and-tested lifesaver. You can usually find it in the hotel closet and it is usually heavy-duty plastic or made from waterproof fabric, perfect for keeping baby messes (and their smells) contained.

Feed your baby on the go.

Your baby doesn’t need his own hotel meal—it doesn’t take much to fill tiny tummies. Ask the concierge or room service if they can send up some complementary fruit like banana, papaya, or watermelon for your baby.

It’s also a good idea to bring packets of instant oatmeal that you can easily make with the complimentary water boiled in the water heater for coffee or tea provided in the room.

Feed your baby before breakfast.

Enjoy eating out and hotel breakfasts more by feeding your baby before you go. Getting up early to make sure your baby is full and satisfied first before you head out increases the chances that your baby won’t cause a huge fuss while you eat. If you have a stroller or a baby carrier, a stroll along the quiet halls will help soothe your baby back to sleep. Keep a white noise app playing nearby to help drown out the outside noise as well.

Splurge on a suite.

Booking a suite room can be worth the investment, especially if traveling with older kids who can’t be expected to keep quiet while enjoying their exciting staycation. After all, everyone deserves a super-fun stay! Summit Hotels Magnolia offers Super Suite Rooms at affordable rates, so baby’s bedroom area can be quiet when it’s sleepy time for the little one, while the rest of the family chills out in the living area.  

With a little extra planning, traveling with the littlest ones in the family is not just possible, but can be enjoyable! And with your baby’s safety and comfort handled, it’ll be that much easier to make your hotel stay memorable.