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Nurturing Connections

April 15, 2021 | by: admin

From a Sales perspective, what are your key takeaways from this pandemic?

This pandemic tested our resilience but also our ability to adapt and evolve to changes with grace under pressure. The fact that our properties are still operational and we are still able to sustain jobs for majority of our people is something to be grateful for.

With the current situation, we have changed our ways in selling and shifted it to an opportunity to help out Filipinos – especially those who are working outside the country to return safely to their families.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

Keeping everyone motivated in times like this is probably the biggest challenge a leader can have. But our work is integral. I explain to everyone the gravity and purpose of our work. We extend solutions to current repatriations, house essential businesses, and provide food to people’s tables. Our job now is not just for our company but also for the community - taking responsibility to a whole new level.

How have you handled the challenges?

It’s an open secret that everyone’s sales career can be summed up to one thing: relationship. Probably the key to being a good sales person is fulfilling your words to every client as this is when and where trust is built. With or without business, I keep in touch with all my past clients because connections will always be a key to selling, along with integrity. I always keep in mind that one should always be the reflection of their brand. In all hotels I have worked with in the past, this has been the key to my success: I always believe in the product I sell. I will not sell something I will not personally consume or use. 

My team’s mindset is that we should not be sales people; rather we should be problem solvers - we provide solutions to our client's concerns and we solve their problems through our products. With this, our clients always see us as someone reliable; someone who can help them out, which makes up not only selling but building strong business relationships.

Share with us what keeps you motivated.

As a young leader looking up to my leaders, Ms Joy de Mesa (Group Director of Sales & Marketing), Mr Arthur Gindap (SVP-BU General Manager), Ms Annalyn Yap (Director of Human Resources & Operations), my General Managers, Ms Katrina Lardizabal, Mr Jose Marie Ouano, and Ms Angeli Umali, who tirelessly work hard to keep the ball rolling keeps me motivated.

It’s the people I work with in Robinsons Hotels and Resorts who continue to smile behind their masks and wear their hospitality hats despite the limitations of services we can render, who inspires me best. Especially my team.

This might be one of the toughest situations I have been through as part of the hospitality industry. Who would have thought that one day the world will stop, who would have thought that airports, hotels, planes, streets will be empty?

We don’t know what will happen next; All we can do is wait, pray, be hopeful, and survive.

One thing this pandemic taught me is that no matter what situation you are in you will always have a purpose. Find that purpose and that will give you a reason to live and not just to exist.

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