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Can I buy gift certificates from the hotel?

Yes. Gift certificates for all type of rooms are available at prevailing seasonal rates. You may call the Property Sales at +63 53 832-9949 to arrange a purchase.

Can I access the Internet in my room?

Yes, the hotel has free Wi-Fi access in all rooms and all areas within the hotel.

Can children stay unaccompanied in the hotel?

No, children below eighteen (18) years should be accompanied by an adult while staying in the hotel.

Are your hotel rates per room or per person?

The rates charged are per room, per night. Rates are inclusive of taxes and payable in Philippine Peso.

Are prices of breakfast meals include in the rate?

Room rates are inclusive of breakfast except for the NO FRILLS RATE.

Are pets allowed in the hotel?

Summit Hotel Tacloban has a strict ‘No Pets’ policy, with exceptions on a case-to-case basis for guests with special needs who require service dogs such as seeing eye dogs, alert dogs for the deaf, and companion dogs for the disabled.

Are meeting rooms available for rent at the hotel?

We have function rooms which are available for rent depending on use and capacity. Other services such as catering and equipment are also available.

Are housekeeping services available?

Yes, housekeeping services are available 24 hours daily. Switch on the “Makeup Room” on the door should you want to have your room cleaned.

Are guests allowed in the hotel room?

Yes, you are allowed to entertain guests inside the room up to 10:00 PM. However, holding group parties are discouraged as this will create noise and disturb the other guests.

Are baby cribs available in the rooms?

Yes, baby cribs are available on request. They are available free of charge.